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Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

Wie kann man sich schützen?
Es werden die gleichen Maßnahmen empfohlen, die auch grundsätzlich zur Vermeidung von Grippe gelten: gute Handhygiene, Husten- und Nies-Etikette sowie Abstand zu Erkrankten halten.

Virus kann auch von Mensch zu Mensch wandern
Es haben sich sowohl medizinisches Personal als auch Familienmitglieder von Kranken angesteckt, teilweise haben diese das Virus auch auf weitere Personen übertragen – Sekundärinfektionen sind also möglich.
Wie genau man andere Menschen anstecken kann, wird weiter erforscht. Wahrscheinlich werden die Corona-Viren vor allem über eine Kontakt- und Tröpfcheninfektion weitergegeben – also durch direktes Anhusten oder Körperkontakt mit einer kranken Person. Eine reine Übertragung über die Luft wurde bisher nicht nachgewiesen.

Wie kann man sich vor einer Ansteckung schützen?
Um sich persönlich vor einer Ansteckung zu schützen, gelten die gleichen Empfehlungen wie beim Schutz vor einer Virus-Grippe, insbesondere wird gute Handhygiene empfohlen.

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, mytowel would like to sensitize and inform you about the general topic of disinfection.

In hand and skin disinfection, disinfectants are used to prevent the transmission of pathogens from one person to another.

The same measures are recommended as those that are generally applicable to prevent influenza:
Good hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing etiquette, and keep your distance from sick people.

Hand disinfection kills germs on the hands in a targeted or inactivated manner. It is about 100 times more effective than cleaning hands with conventional soap and/or water.
Because approximately 80% of all infections are transmitted via the hands, hand hygiene is of particular importance in infection prevention. Not only in the current case of the coronavirus.
Our hands are in daily use and are constantly in contact with potentially harmful micro-organisms that lurk everywhere.
The risk of infection is particularly high in contact and touch-intensive professions such as in the health care and catering sectors.
Here, disinfecting the hands is a necessity, serves for self-protection and minimizes the danger to others.

mytowel hand disinfection is particularly suitable for use on the move, as they fit in any bag.

Hand disinfection from mytowel is an effective means of interrupting chains of infection.

Our mytowel contains a disinfectant for hands and skin hygiene, it is a ready-to-use application solution and does not stain. Our disinfecting wipe is also blood-dissolving and odourless, sustainably disinfecting, while being gentle to the skin without alcohol, without any toxins and without preservatives.

Approval of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) with the BAuA Reg. Nr.: N-85187 and the PZN – 16124520

At mytowel, the disinfectant fluid and the cloth remain separate from each other until activation, thus remaining absolutely sterile until use.
While conventional disinfection wipes dry out after a few months, the shelf life of mytowel is therefore at least 2 years.

Please observe the following when disinfecting:

  • Carry out disinfection regularly
  • Use suitable disinfectants such as the hand disinfection from mytowel
  • Avoid mixing of different disinfectants

Why mytowel is the best disinfecting wipe:

  • always ready to hand, always fresh and always hygienically perfect
  • Sustainability is also a big issue for us, which is why our containers (PP5) are completely recyclable and can be disposed of in PET. Our bio-cellulose cloth is biodegradable
  • Containers can be individually printed: CYMK – Printing
  • Best before date of 2 years, because cloth and liquid are separated

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